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2 soldiers killed in ambush

Baghdad, Oct. 10 (Reuters): Two US soldiers were killed and four wounded in an ambush in a Shia Baghdad slum district where a suicide car bomb attack on a police station earlier claimed at least 10 lives, the US army said today.

A spokeswoman said the 1st Armored Division soldiers were ambushed last evening as they patrolled the streets of Sadr City, a sprawling and impoverished neighbourhood in northeast Baghdad that is home to more than a million Shias.

Locals said at least two Iraqis had been killed in gunbattles with American troops who scoured the area backed by helicopters overnight after the ambush. Two suicide bombers crashed their car through the gates of a Sadr City police station yesterday morning and blew themselves up, killing at least eight other Iraqis and wounding dozens in the bloodiest attack in Baghdad for weeks.

Since President George W. Bush declared major combat in Iraq over on May 1, 94 US soldiers have been killed in action.

The violence underscored Washington’s problems stabilising Iraq in the face of a guerrilla insurgency, widespread lawlessness and simmering ethnic and religious tensions.

Efforts by the US to get other countries to share the burden of policing and rebuilding Iraq have suffered several setbacks. Turkey’s parliament voted this week to send soldiers, but Iraq’s governing council said it rejected the presence of troops from neighbouring countries.

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