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Blair wounds reopen at service to heal
Britain’s establishment gathered in a London cathedral today for a memorial service to soldiers killed in Iraq, both to honour the dead and to heal the divisions at home caused by a war many opposed. ...  | Read.. 
Fox bags Night for film on Pi
Last year’s Booker Prize-winner Life of Pi, about a young Indian boy adrift on the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat with a Bengal tiger, a zebra, a hyena and an orang-utan, ...  | Read.. 
Greece seeks release of tanker crew held in Pak
Greek authorities have approached Pakistan for immediate release of the detained crew of Tasman Spirit — a Greek-registered, Maltese oil tanker which ran aground n ...  | Read.. 
Drug boosts battle against breast cancer
One of a new class of breast cancer drugs was so successful in a major international trial that scientists stopped the test half way through to allow all the patients to take ...  | Read.. 
British actress Rachel Weisz at the premiere of Runaway Jury in Hollywood. (Reuters)
Britney can rest
Pole pain
Sick steal
US rebuke spurs France’s top chef into action
Piqued by a US critic’s charge that French cuisine has “congealed into complacency”, France’s top c..  | Read.. 
Nobel panel praised for peace prize choice
Guardians of the Nobel Peace Prize have again raised a little-known campaigner to the world stage b..  | Read.. 
2 soldiers killed in ambush
Two US soldiers were killed and four wounded in an ambush i ...  | Read.. 

China lifts veil of space secrecy
China will launch its first manned spaceship next week, aim ...  | Read.. 

Seven killed in Gaza violence
Israeli forces killed at least seven Palestinians in fierce ...  | Read.. 

Hacker’s PC was hijacked to raid US port system
An English teenager, charged with hacking in and crippling ...  | Read..