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Suicide blast

Baghdad, Oct. 9 (Reuters): A suicide bomber blew up his car after crashing through the gates of a Baghdad police station today, killing at least two policemen and six civilians and wounding dozens, Iraqi police said.

Spokesman Captain Basim Mahmoud said hundreds of people had been standing around the building waiting to receive salaries when the car came speeding towards them.

“The car was very, very fast, and the security guards at the main gate tried to stop it. They opened fire.” But he said the attacker had managed to detonate his bomb around 25 metres from the building.

“After the war, when police started working with the coalition forces, we became one of the targets because people think we work with the coalition,” Mahmoud said.

The police station is in the impoverished Shia district of Sadr City, formerly Saddam City. Sirens wailed and a stream of ambulances carried casualties away. “It was definitely a suicide bomb,” one policeman at the scene said.

Policeman Anwar Abdul Rahim, lying in a hospital bed and spattered with blood, said he had been standing outside the police station when the car burst through the gates.

“A car sped up and slammed into other cars, and there was a large explosion.”

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