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Angry California picks Arnie the rookie
Trading on celebrity, sincerity and a strongman movie image, actor Arnold Schwarzenegger won control of the nationís richest state, capping an improbable rise from Austrian farm boy to unexpected bright new hope for California. ...  | Read.. 
Pak detains 32 in crackdown on tribe linked to al Qaida
Pakistani forces detained 32 people today in a crackdown on a tribe accused of sheltering Taliban and al Qaida sympathisers, officials said. ...  | Read.. 
Musharraf legitimacy strategy takes its toll
The assassination of an extremist Sunni militant leader in Pakistan this week has not only fanned a dangerous flare-up in sectarian violence between Sunni and Shias. It has a ...  | Read.. 
White House tries to calm Rumsfeldís ruffled feathers
The White House today sought to paper over any differences with defence secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who complained he was not told of a post-war Iraq reorganisational shake-up ...  | Read.. 
Uma Thurman strikes a pose at the New York premiere of her new film Kill Bill. (Reuters)
Moore knight
Tiger trauma
Stable star
Spears joke
Marylandís first lady was only joking when she said she would like to shoot pop star Britney Spears..  | Read.. 
Only in America, cries Terminator
After the waves of confetti had settled and the victory speech was delivered, the master optimist A..  | Read.. 
Marketers cannot call numbers on ban list
Telemarketers may not dial the 51 million phone numbers on ...  | Read.. 

Israel fears fresh raids, seeks to defuse tension
Israel cleared the way for a call-up of army reservists tod ...  | Read.. 

US scientists get chemistry Nobel for work on cells
US scientists Peter Agre and Roderick MacKinnon have won th ...  | Read.. 

Heartbeat apparel
Heart patients may soon be able to buy underwear designed t ...  | Read..