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Sachin not a match-winner, says Imran

Dubai: Sachin Tendulkar may have given a lesson or two in batting to Pakistan during his blitzkrieg in a World Cup cricket match early this year but a former Pakistani great still does not rate him as a “match-winner”.

Former Pakistan captain and speedster Imran Khan says the top Indian batsman was not a match-winner when compared to Viv Richards and he still needed to perform at crucial times.

“Both are talented but the only thing about Tendulkar is that he needs to be a match-winner,” Imran Khan was quoted as saying in media reports here Monday. “He must perform at crucial times when you need him to perform.”

“My point is that when you compare Sachin Tendulkar to Viv Richards, he is not a match-winner. The greatness of a player is also to perform at the right time,” Imran said.

“However, there is no denying Tendulkar’s talent. He has enormous talent. He is one of the best timers of the ball,” he said.

When asked to comment on the thrashing Pakistan got from Tendulkar at the Centurion during the World Cup, Imran evaded a direct replay and shrugged it off saying Pakistan has had a history of such thrashings.

“We have been thrashed many times. Don’t you remember the kind of the thrashing we received at the hands of West Indies in the past' Richards was a total destroyer of any attack.”

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