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Sangh attacks rights panel

New Delhi, Oct. 4: Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh chief K.S. Sudarshan today questioned the National Human Rights Commission’s objectivity and virtually called it “anti-Hindu” for its intervention on behalf of the Best Bakery massacre victims.

The double-barrelled attack also targeted Madhya Pradesh chief minister Digvijay Singh for “promoting a sense of alienation in the minds of tribals” to create a vote bank for himself.

In the customary Vijaya Dashami-eve address delivered by the RSS chief at the Sangh’s Nagpur headquarters, Sudarshan compared the Best Bakery case with the acquittal of those accused of killing the Hindus of Radhabai Chawl in Mumbai in 1993 for want of evidence.

“In the Best Bakery case, when the accused were set free because the main eye-witnesses turned hostile, the NHRC rushed to the Supreme Court saying that justice cannot be rendered to the victims in Gujarat and hence the case be retried in a court outside Gujarat,” he said.

“Why did not the NHRC come forward to take that case also to the apex court'” he asked, referring to the Radhabai Chawl incident. “Is it because those killed in the Radhabai Chawl episode were all Hindus...' Will not the extreme concern for Muslims and Christians and utter disregard for Hindus by the NHRC make people question the impartiality of it'”

Sudarshan said another manifestation of this mindset was seen in the treatment given to the photograph of Qutubuddin Ansari which showed him pleading with his attackers to spare his life during the Gujarat riots.

“After three days, there appeared another picture of the same boy, this time with a smiling face, thanking god for saving his life. A question crops up as to how a murderous crowd, which was alleged to have not even spared pregnant women, could become so benign in that frenzied situation to let go of the boy unharmed.”

Sudarshan’s solution for changing this mindset was to redefine the notion of who minorities and Dalits were.

“In reality, minorities are those who migrate from other countries and settle here. In that sense, only the Jews and Parsis fall under the category of minority. But they refused to call themselves minorities...,” he said. Christians and Muslims, on the other hand, were converts, he added.

Sudarshan made a plea for merging the Dalits into the “mainstream”. “How far is it appropriate to call a section of our own people Dalits...'” he asked.

The RSS leader slammed Digvijay for propagating the view that Dalits do not have a written history. “Being the chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, he should at least have known how Rani Durgawati had fought the Mughals and attained martyrdom.... But the chief minister does not want to see them as part of the Hindu society,” he said.

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