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Taliban bleed as Pak parades loyalty to US
Pakistani forces killed 12 suspected Taliban and al Qaida fighters today and arrested 10 in an operation near the Afghan border touted as a demonstration of commitment to the US-led war on terror. ...  | Read.. 
The tale behind the Granita deal
Brown paper obscures the windows of the restaurant where once pan-fried mullet was served up with marinated purple aubergine. The sign above the locked door says GRANITA. And ...  | Read.. 
Enemy more lethal: General
The top American general in Iraq said today guerrillas fighting his troops were becoming deadlier, after the killing of three more soldiers added urgency to US efforts to gar ...  | Read.. 
Romania splits child couple
Romanian child protection authorities today ordered a Roma child bride and her teenage husband to live apart after their wedding prompted protests from European and local off ...  | Read.. 
A woman gets kissed by a puppy hoping to find a new owner during an open day at the “SOS” asylum for stray dogs near Kiev. (AFP)
Peter the Great more admired than Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin is more admired than Lenin, Stalin and Ivan the Terrible but is no..  | Read.. 
Halle Berry’s marriage fails to live another day
Actress Halle Berry announced she has separated from her husband, rhythm and blues singer Eric Bene..  | Read.. 
Suspense over no-call list
The government’s popular “do-not-call” plan dangled in lega ...  | Read.. 

Annan cloud on US draft
UN secretary-general Kofi Annan questioned today whether th ...  | Read..