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Hindu tape twist

Islamabad, Sept. 29 (Agencies): Pakistan dismissed today a threat against its president by al Qaida leader Ayman al-Zawahri and said the war against “terrorism” would continue.

The tape aired by the Qatar-based al Jazeera TV channel showed al-Zawahiri telling Pakistani officers and soldiers that the President would “hand you over to the Hindus and flee to enjoy his secret bank accounts” if India attacked their country. Al-Zawahiri also condemned Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s recent visit to India, saying the agreements signed were “a drop in the ocean of the American-Jewish-Indian alliance against Muslims.”

It was not possible to verify the authenticity of the tape.

“Muslims in Pakistan must unite to oust this traitor and put in place a loyal leadership in Pakistan which defends Islam and Muslims,” the speaker said. Khan said the purpose of the tape was to deliberately mislead Pakistanis and Muslims about Musharraf, who was a “bridge” between the Islamic world and the West. “We won’t be deterred, and I want to add that the President of Pakistan is fighting for the Muslim Ummah (nation) and he is fast becoming a symbol of Muslim unity,” Khan said. The voice on the tape blasted the Musharraf for aiding Washington in its war in Afghanistan.

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