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Prayers to tug at purse strings

London, Sept. 26 (Reuters): Even bankers and stockbrokers need moral support, a British Christian think tank said today, complaining that financial service workers were not getting their fair share of prayers in Sunday church services.

The Industrial Christian Fellowship, a cross-church group founded in 1877, said those in the financial sector missed out to “caring” professions, such as teachers and nurses, when it came to prayers in church.

“There is a feeling that these professions are too worldly — almost not good enough — for prayers. There is a feeling that you cannot mix God and Mammon,” ICF executive member John Raymond said. “But I think that is exactly the opposite of how Jesus would see it.”

The group said it had already prepared some prayers for those in the financial world and was distributing them on its web- site under the headline “When did you last pray for your stockbroker'”

One suggested prayer read: “Father God, we ask your blessing on our economic world:

“Bless those in governments and banks, especially those in poorer countries.

“Give them an understanding of economic forces and the mechanics of wealth creation; that they may produce laws and regulations which give freedom for people to create wealth.

“Bless entrepreneurs, those in business, investors and those responsible for pension funds, that they may play a part, Lord, in creating and using processes and structures which release and channel people’s creativity, in ways which enhance human dignity, serve the common good and benefit in particular the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

“To your glory, Lord. Amen.”

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