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Shunya Se

Before the universe came into existence, there was total void (shunya). Then with Creation came the five elements sky, air, fire, water and earth (Vyom or Kshiti, Maru, Agni, Jal and Vayu), complimentary forces that maintain the equilibrium of the world and its inhabitants. Shunya Se is inspired by these five elements and choreographed, conceived and designed by five talented pupils of veteran Kathak exponent, Rani Karnaa. The production attempts to present a panaromic vision that is at the same time personal in experience. It reaches beyond the broad classification of choreography as a part of dance terminology. Instead, its various performative aspects including space designing using pure dance movements, elements of design, spatial elements during performances including stage, decor, lights, sound, costumes, colour, choreography and theatrical elements are explored in its totality. The concept of the elements spans across an entire gamut of feelings: physical, metaphysical, scientific, biological, astrological, philosophical, spiritual... in each of these it takes on the hues of the relevant modes of expression and explanation ranging from the factual to the mythical, the concrete to the abstract, from the mundane to the divine. Kathak forms the foundation of all the ideas and images of this production and the vocabulary of the five dancers, Debashree Bhattacharya, Vikram Iyengar, Aditi Bhattacharya, Sohini Debnath and Sudeshna Banerjee. A Samskriti Shreyaskar production.

When: Today at 7 pm

Where: Kala Mandir

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