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Caffeine no more a banned substance

Montreal: The World Anti-Doping Agency (Wada) has decided to remove caffeine and pseudoephedrine, an ingredient in over-the-counter cold remedies such as Sudafed, from the list of banned substances for international sports.

The change was intended to prevent athletes who took common cold remedies or drank cola or coffee from getting suspended or disgraced. A two-day meeting of Wada’s executive committee also named modafinil, the medication that could cost US sprinter Kelli White two world championship gold medals, as a banned stimulant for the first time.

In a statement on the meeting issued on Tuesday, the agency mentioned the changes but provided no further details.

“Changes to the list this year include the removal of caffeine and pseudoephedrine,” the release said.

“Some substances, such as modafinil, have been added.”

Last week, the head of Wada’s medical research committee said the list would be changed to reflect changing times.

“We must adjust our list to modern thinking and to changes of attitude and changes of knowledge,” said Arne Ljungqvist, who is also head of the medical commissions of the IOC and the IAAF.

Wada has set a deadline of October 1 for final ratification of the list, which would go into effect globally on January 1. The news release said the final list would be posted on the agency’s website by October 1.

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