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Carry on trudging: Another party, another strike, same woes
Firm ground needed to set sights on moon

Apropos the report ‘CU sets sights on the moon’ (Metro, August 22) what could possibly be more honourable for Calcutta University (CU) scientists and researchers than the surprising news that the Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) has approached the university for participation in research projects to strengthen studies on lunar science, lunar mechanics and precision lunar technology, as a component of the Moon Mission Project. The aim is to send the first Indian spacecraft to the moon by 2008. This assignment of prime scientific interest will give CU scientists the chance to do extensive research on lunar topography, lunar geology and lunar physics and space dynamics.

But a question remains to be answered in this context. The noble mission is assigned to mainly students and scientists of applied mathematics. But the syllabus of applied mathematics and those of other science disciplines at the post-graduate level are still not upgraded to that extent. Surprisingly the applied mathematics courses are still based on theoretical aspects of higher mathematics — with the exception of special papers on geodesy, geophysics, numerical analysis of statistics and ballistics — which we studied 50 years ago.

This project will boost the upgradation of the post-graduate syllabus above all else.

Sunil Banerjee,
VIP Road.

Striking pictures

The story of a strike was succinctly told in the series of telling pictures in Metro, on August 27. Even the headline ‘This is what strikes do to people’ depicted the harassment that people have to face, especially those arriving in or leaving town on the day of the strike. The administration should arrange for transport for at least the train and air passengers.

Bhupen Bose,
Dum Dum Park.

Arts alert

The Metro report ‘Varsity tie-up costs academy its arts course’ (August 27) is a blot on Bengal, the arts capital of the country. Can our intellectual chief minister not take the initiative to untie the red-tape knot'

Govinda Bakshi,
Budge Budge.

Cattle calamity

A schoolgirl was crushed by a bus while travelling on a scooter with her father (Schoolgirl knocked off father’s scooter dies, Metro, August 19). The accident occurred, as reported, while the bus was negotiating a herd of cattle. Rearing of cattle was banned in the city. They have reappeared, and in considerable numbers. The state government and the municipal administration are just keeping their eyes closed. Had I been a lawyer, I would have filed a public interest litigation.

S. K. Ray,
Golf Club Road.

Free to give

The prisoners of Alipore jail deserve to be applauded for donating cash to the needy meritorious girl Iti Baidya (Jail donations bail out Iti, Metro, August 27).

Prahlad Agarwala,

Drug distress

Apropos the report ‘Drug kiosks spark alarm in Salt Lake’ (Metro, August 23) it is distressing to note that drug peddlers have spread their wings in Salt Lake. As a number of educational institutions are located here, the law-enforcing authorities should take immediate remedial measures.

Debaprasad Mukherjee,
Nayapatty Road.

Puja perks

The report ‘Puja time carnival plan on Park Street’ (Metro, August 28) added to our excitement. The Pujas not only mark the commencing of festivities. It is a time for good literature, music and definitely food. This concept will surely help us have at hand the items that are fading with time. But the government should keep an eagle eye on the quality of the products and the safety of the people.

Kunal Ray,

How green are their parks

Kudos to mayor Subrata Mukherjee for flushing out encroachers from Deshapriya Park (Mayor clears clutter on southern green, Metro, August 21). But the question remains as to whether the park will be put to use for the citizens. A clubhouse has come up in a CMC park in north Calcutta with political patronage. I request the mayor to visit other metros and see how clean the parks there are. This is only possible because of political will, which is lacking here. But better late than never.

Mohan Lal Sarkar,
Budge Budge.

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