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Goddess Durga is synonymous with Shakti, the cosmic power that wages an eternal war against Asura, the dark evil force out to destroy mankind. She is worshipped in various forms in different parts of the country. In Bengal, she is Mahishasuramardini (the destroyer of Mahishasura). According to Sri Sri Chandi, Shumbha alias Mahishasura wanted eternal life (Amaratwa). So he sought a boon from Lord Brahma who granted him partial immortality assuring him immunity from males. So when Shumbha attacked Swarga, the abode of gods, Durga emerged to regain the kingdom. What followed was the royal battle leading to Mahishasura's defeat and his death. Peace was restored once again. The gods worshipped the goddess: Praseeda Vishweshwari, Paahi Vishwang/ Twamineshwari Devi Characharasya (O Goddess of this Universe, do accept our prayers and be content. Save the Universe from harm. This is your Universe, you are its only saviour). On the occasion of Mahalaya, Indian Museum and Saregama India Ltd. present a dance-recital on Nritya-Durga and a premier show of the video-CD on Mahisasurmardini (script: Bani Kumar, narration and chanting: Birendra Krishna Bhadra; music: Pankaj Kumar Mallick) video portrayal based on Sri Sri Chandi Stotra.

When: Today at 5.30 pm

Where: Indian Museum auditorium

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