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Footwork has to be right while playing the cut
Donít try the reverse sweep too early in your career

I am a right-hander. Whenever I try to play a reverse sweep I end up getting caught behind. Please help.

(Abhishek Datta, 13, Asansol)

Itís a shot you should attempt only when you have played decent level of cricket for a while.

I am a right-handed batsman. Whenever a leg-spinner pitches the ball outside the leg stump I try to hit him on the leg side but end up getting bowled. Why does this happen'

(Tapan De, 18, Calcutta-30)

Get the foot as close to the pitch of the ball as possible. Always ensure your body or pads act as a second line of defence.

I am an off-spinner. I often fail to pitch the ball at the desired spot. Please help.

(Priyojit Sarkar, 13, Calcutta-6)

Watch the spot you want to pitch the ball and make sure your head is pretty steady.

I am a right-handed opener. Whenever I attempt the cut, I end up getting bowled or caught at slip. Should I stop using the stroke'

(Manash Pratim Borah, 14, Lakhimpur)

Not at all. Make sure your footwork is right. Your backfoot should not just go back but across as well. Also ensure that the body weight goes into the shot.

I am a right-arm pacer. Whenever I try to bowl a yorker, I end up with a wide or no ball. Why does this happen'

(Gibbs Lalrindika Khiangte, 15, Aizwal)

Your head is obviously all over the place at the time of delivery and you are not watching your target.

I am a left-handed opener. I often get bowled while trying to play the yorker. Please help.

(Sanjay Pathak, 24, Jorhat)

Do not lift your head and watch the ball closely. Keep an eye on your backlift as well.

I am a right-arm pacer. How does one reverse-swing the old ball'

(Raghavan Srinivasan, 14, Calcutta-26)

The grip changes and the shiny side points to the direction you want the ball to swing. Before that you got to work on the ball as regards maintaining shine on one side.

How does one bowl the inswinger'

(Plabit Narayan, 16, Guwahati-9)

Demands practice. Check with your coach if you have got the right grip and your wrist position is in the proper place at the time of delivery.

I am a medium-pacer and can also bowl leg-spin. My coach says I should give up pace bowling but I am undecided. What should I do'

(Ramesh Dutta, 17, Calcutta-10)

Take your time. But if your coach thinks you are better with leg-spin then it is the right choice.

I have good command over English and have played a lot of inter-college cricket. Please let me know the requisites of being a good commentator.

(R. C. Hati, 26, Calcutta-20)

Demands lot of practice. Try and do some work on the radio to get used to the discipline first.

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