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Fusion in fashion

London, Sept. 21 (Reuters): West Asian politics came to London yesterday as media savvy designer Arkadius ensured the city's fashion week opened in provocative style.

Arkadius, back in London after showing in New York last season, sent his models down the catwalk clad in a collection inspired by red and white Arabic chequered headscarves and the blue six-pointed Israeli Star of David.

US iconography also influenced his Spring/Summer 2004 collection. Red and white horizontal stripes were patched over with the embroidered face of the Statue of Liberty and prints of gigantic dollar bills.

The show ended with a message of peace. The final ensemble was a trailing red and white evening gown front by two feathered doves, their wired plumage spiralling upwards to form a garland around the model’s head.

Weak winds

Chicago (Reuters): One hundred years after the Wright Brothers first took to the skies, a replica of their legendary airplane failed to fly on Saturday because there wasn’t enough wind. “The Wrights flew into a 40 kmph wind. I think we could have flown if we had that,” said Mike Gillian, pilot of the replica. Instead the wind in downtown Chicago, where Saturday’s three flights were attempted, were barely 8 kmph. The small four-cylinder engine, also an exact replica of the original, did not have the power to lift the craft. The original Wright Flyer first flew on December 17, 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, and only a handful of spectators witnessed the event. On Saturday, several hundred spectators crowded onto the lawn of Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry to watch the Chicago team try to recreate history.

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