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Oil kept off US Iraq reforms
US-controlled Iraq today unveiled sweeping reforms allowing foreign investors into all sectors except oil, ending 30 years of state economic control. ...  | Read.. 
Europe Big 3 split on Iraq
Europe’s Big Three powers failed to resolve differences on Iraq at a weekend summit, casting doubts on whether talks with the US this week will make progress on a UN resoluti ...  | Read.. 
Airline data alarm in Europe
US security concerns clash with European civil liberty worries this week at talks between US and EU officials in Washington over personal data on airline passengers. ...  | Read.. 
Two Palestinian schoolgirls slip through a wall separating Palestinian and Israeli territories during a demonstration against the building of a wall i ...  | Read
Fusion in fashion
Weak winds
Burton ‘resurrected’ for radio play
Richard Burton is to “return from the dead” to perform the lead role in a new BBC production of one..  | Read.. 
Trouble in a teacup over Jane Austen tag
It’s not so much Pride and Prejudice as Pride and PG Tips. ..  | Read.. 
3 soldiers killed
Attackers killed two American soldiers and wounded 13 in a ...  | Read.. 

£600,000 bid for Diana letters
James Hewitt has received an offer of £600,000 for the ...  | Read..