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Labourer kills family, surrenders

Calcutta, Sept. 20: A drunk daily wage earner last night strangled his wife and infant daughter in a fit of anger before surrendering to police. He was arrested after he confessed to his crime.

Anil Malik, 45, returned home at Deulpur in Howrah late on Friday, drunk as usual. Immediately, his wife, 23-year-old Roma, picked up a quarrel with him.

“Whatever he earned, he used to spend in the local bar. When he arrived without a penny in his pocket, his wife asked him to arrange for food as there was none at home. Anil flew into a rage and suffocated her with a pillow until she collapsed. He also killed his 6-month-old daughter,” said a local police official.

The murders shocked residents, who wanted to vent their anger on Anil. “The Panchla police arrested him following his confession and soon a team of police personnel reached the spot to recover the bodies. Villagers accosted the police and demanded that Malik be handed over to them so that they could lynch him,” Howrah superintendent of police Zulfiquar Hassan said.

“The villagers also wanted a private news channel to cover the incident. They told us that unless they come and take photographs of the two, they would not allow us to take possession of the bodies. It was only after we assured them that the guilty would be punished, they agreed to release the bodies,” he added.

The district police chief said Anil hadn’t endeared himself to his neighbours. He surrendered possibly because he feared that the villagers could lynch him.

One of Anil’s neighbours said they were used to regular quarrels in his house. But on Friday, she because suspicious as silence fell after a brief brawl. She peeped out and saw the door to Anil’s house was ajar. She went in and found the two limp bodies on the bed. “I immediately sounded the alarm and called in others,” she said.

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