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Sojourn to a creative universe

The human experience is all about connecting and communicating. But when language falls short of expressing those inner ecstasies and agonies, man's quest for newer expressions and newer language begins. This is the realm of the creative mind — the territory of an artist. And when an artist communicates, it is in his own language. As an artist works, he/she experiments with forms, media and images. Moreover, the inevitable outcome of contemporary events has transformed artists into expressing themselves boldly and they, too, prefer to be non-conformists, nonchalantly shaking off the inheritance factors. Chitri-O-Bhaskar Gosthi is a group of 12 artists and sculptors which works in tandem despite each member being fiercely individualistic in approach to art. Prithwis Sikdar’s surrealistic works in oil explore the crude reality of contemporary life. Ratan Banerjee explores the human psyche. Prithwis Sen’s world hangs in limbo where the past, present and future — all juxtapose to create harmony. Chandrasekhar Acharya’s gouache, oil and mixed media try to bridge the gap between the world of dreams and reality. Ramaprosad Ghatak dwells in the world of folk art. Dinesh Gain expresses his feelings through colour and form. Subudhha Ghosh’s world opens and travels through innumerable doors, some closed some ajar. Gautam Sharma paints nature. Dipankar Dutta is inspired by nature, but breaks the original form and recreates them without losing the essence. Asim Basu’s stylised figurative humans and animals depict action, speed and motion.

When: Till today; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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