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Democrat wants French fries back

Washington, Sept. 16 (Reuters): To get international help to rebuild Iraq, Congress may have to eat some French fries and French toast, according to Representative Sheila Jackson Lee.

Saying it is time to put aside differences with France, the Texas Democrat circulated a letter yesterday urging the US House of Representatives to put back the word “French” in fries and toast on House cafeteria and dining hall menus.

Lawmakers ordered them renamed “freedom” fries and “freedom” toast last spring, reflecting anger at France for its opposition to the US-led war to topple Saddam Hussein as Iraq’s President.

But times have changed, Jackson Lee said, and now the Washington is trying to get France and other members of the UN to contribute money and troops to stabilise Iraq and rebuild its devastated infrastructure.

“President Bush is now urging that all parties put aside ‘past bickering’,” she said in her letter.

“A symbolic start to that effort” would be reinstating foods on the House menus ”with their traditional ‘American’ names — French toast and French fries.”

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