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Tax the top, spare the rest

Rap of Relief': Students of the Campus of a private institute

Bandana Chakraborty,

Educational institutions are for the benefit of students. They mould the young generation, the future of the nation. If the institutions have to pay property tax, this will lead to exorbitant fees. Many students are forced to give up higher education because they cannot afford tuition fees. Why should the students have to pay the property taxes, when their parents are tax-payers too'

Mahasweta Saha,

No, educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax. The authorities running these schools and colleges earn a lot from the students by way of tuition, maintenance and development fees. If they do not pay property tax to the government, then this source of income, which might be used for public welfare, will be closed.

Asif Nadeem,

Educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax, because most schools and colleges demand hefty fees from their students. Furthermore, the fees are increasing day by day. If the educational institutions do not show sympathy for the students, then why should the government exempt them from paying property taxes'

Ratan Gupta,

State school education minister Kanti Biswas believes private institutions should be charged property taxes, because they fleece students. However, no action has been taken by his ministry to date to stop this. If property tax is charged, then the students will have to pay the extra amount. Education is the backbone of a nation. Should we erase this notion from our mind and convert nation-building institutions into money-making machines for the authorities'

Tapash Chakraborty,

Yes. The state has every right to impose property tax, although most institutions are aided by the government. Educational institutions charge money from students under various pretexts, like development fund, sports fund, computer courses, etc. But the tax impositions should not be so hefty as to hit the financially backward and affect meritorious students.

Chandan Ray,

Property tax on educational institutions should be imposed. The institutions increase their fees every year, making life difficult for students and guardians. It is a practice of the business establishments which are running educational institutions, with an eye on profit. There is no point in treating such institutions as charities.

Sachindra Nath Mitra,

Education is the basic right of every child. But in our country, due to poverty, many children either cannot go to school or stop their studies midway. If property tax is charged on educational institutions, they will realise the amount from the students. This will hamper the studies of more youngsters. So, they should be exempted from property tax.

Biman Saha,
Lake Town.

Whether such an exemption should be granted or not should depend on the valuation of the property. But the amount should be less than that charged on commercial establishments. Nowadays, many educational institutions, particularly the private ones, spend lavishly on things like infrastructural frills with money collected from the students. But they pay little attention to the real uplift of the students. The ceiling of exemption should be the highest in case of schools in rural areas and lowest in case of professional institutions indulging in luxury expenditure in the name of imparting education.

Rimli Datta,
Salt Lake.

Yes. Many institutions have mushroomed lately, and they impose huge fees on students. So, if property tax is imposed, the consequence will be an added burden on the students. This will make the education system a luxury out of the reach of financially backward students.

Anubhav jain,

No, educational institutions should not be exempted from paying property tax. There are some schools which harass parents for all kinds of fees. They do not deserve charity.

T.R. Anand,
Budge Budge Trunk Road.

Yes, educational institutions should be exempted from paying property taxes because a lot of students come from the financially weaker segment of society. The tax becomes a burden for them. Why not restrict the tax to the richer institutions only'

Govind Das Dujari,
Diamond Harbour Road.

No government can run without levying taxes. Educational institutions also enjoy the same benefits and services provided by the government agencies as others who pay taxes. They charge heavy fees from students. So, why should they be exempted from paying taxes' Institutions that want to avail of the tax exemption must reduce the tuition fees in the same proportion. It is also important to appoint a government agency that will ensure the exempted tax amount reaches the students.

Aklank Jain,

Educational institutions are meant for the welfare of society, not for the exploitation of people. However, several institutions fleece parents.

Barsha Chabaria,
Rabindra Nagar.

Educational institutions, particularly the private ones, earn hefty amounts through the fees charged from students. Moreover, as space has become a precious commodity, use of land should be taxed. The government should not sacrifice its source of income. Neither private nor government institutions should be exempted.

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