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Surjeet rings BJP alert

New Delhi, Sept. 11: CPM general secretary Harkishen Singh Surjeet has cautioned Mulayam Singh Yadav that his government will have to remain “extremely vigilant” against any move by the BJP to inflame communal passions in Uttar Pradesh by playing the Ayodhya card.

The veteran Marxist has made it clear that any “laxity” on the part of the Samajwadi Party-led government on the temple issue will boost communal forces. The Left parties want Mulayam Singh to give the BJP a clear rebuff on any issue that could stoke communal sentiments.

The Samajwadi leader, according to reports, had struck a deal with the BJP to grab power. In a lead article in the latest issue of People’s Democracy, the CPM mouthpiece, Surjeet has written: “There is also an allegation that certain business houses, including the Ambanis, wanted a Mulayam-led government in Lucknow. Nobody is in a position to ascertain the truth of these allegations.”

Surjeet stressed on the atmosphere of suspicion in which Mulayam Singh became chief minister and reminded him of his “duty”. “The whole country will be keenly watching what the state government does after winning the vote of confidence on September 8,” he said.

“In view of the allegations and the speculation in the media, it is all the more necessary for the Samajwadi Party leader to establish his credentials and stick to his secular platform,” he said.

The Samajwadi is one of the pivots of the secular front, second only to the main Opposition party, the Congress. The Left, despite many run-ins with Mulayam Singh, has not turned its back on the Samajwadi — if only for the reason that it is the BJP’s main adversary in Uttar Pradesh, the state which holds the key to India’s political map.

There are sections within the Left which feel that Mulayam Singh has no ideological commitments to fight the BJP and may have easily taken the help of the party to get the chief minister’s post. Sensing this, Surjeet reminded the Samajwadi leader of his government’s decisive role against “unruly kar sevaks” in 1990 when his action “saved the day”. Mulayam Singh had used force to disperse the kar sevaks who wanted to bring down the Babri Masjid.

“The (Sangh) parivar may well try to play a similar game again — that is why the new government will have to exercise the utmost vigilance in order to defend national unity and the secular fabric of the country,” Surjeet said.

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