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Crusader’s role scared Blanchett

Toronto, Sept. 9 (Reuters): Cate Blanchett, Australian star of Veronica Guerin, which is having its North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, said yesterday she was terrified playing the true story of a crusading Irish journalist, but noted that the film itself is not truth.

To prepare for the title role of Guerin, who was killed for probing too deeply into the activities of Dublin’s drug kingpins, Blanchett spoke with Guerin’s family and friends.

She also studied clips of Guerin’s interviews to get her voice right.

“The way someone breathes, the way someone phrases what they choose not to say reveals a lot about their inner psychology. That was really important because she was an incredibly, incredibly complex and remarkable woman,” Blanchett said.

But she said she did not mimic Guerin.

“I’m an actor, not a mimic,” she said. “In the end, I find it odd that we think film is truth because it is a fantastical medium... Whether you’re on stage or screen, you want the audience to believe you are the person you say you are. That’s your job.”

The movie follows Guerin’s life over the two years leading up to her murder, while she was investigating Dublin’s drug barons for the Sunday Independent newspaper. She was shot dead at traffic lights in June 1996.

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