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Canvas of childhood memories

I have had playmates, I have had companions,/ In my days of childhood, in my joyful school-days — All, all are gone, the old familiar faces       — Charles Lamb

“Childhood shows the man as morning shows the day” goes the saying. It is indeed the golden period of a man’s life. The very fountain of energy and innocence, “a stranger yet to pain” children’s world is sunshine, laughter and fun. It is the very foundation stone on which memories build up over the years. These memories form the elixir of life that keeps one going later on. Many childhood memories remain embedded in the subconscious and are reflected or manifested in various ways in our adulthood. Babul Mahmood is a talented artist who often reaches in to his subconscious mind, digs out precious memories and blends them with his mature intellect to create memorable canvases. Two of his favourite sports, flying kites and spinning tops recur in his paintings like leit motif. They occupy canvas space not just as objects but also symbolise aspiration and hope, movement and speed. Vibrantly colourful kites flying in the infinite sky, attempting to cross the boundary of space reflect his desire to explore the unknown. His mature strokes and deft handling are evident in his executions.

When: Till September 4; 3 pm - 8 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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