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To concentrate while batting, keep talking to yourself and set goals
At the time of bowling a yorker, eyes should be focussed on the spot where you intend the ball to land

I am a left-handed opener and face difficulty against slower deliveries from a medium pacer. Please help.

(Bhargab Kumar Sarma. 17, Guwahati)

Watch the hand at the point of delivery till the last minute. Donít commit early.

I am a medium pacer. While trying to bowl a yorker or generate extra pace, I tend to bowl wide. Why does this happen'

(Md Badruz Zaman, 15, Guwahati-38)

Keep your head still at the point of delivery. And your eyes should be focussed on the spot where you intend the ball to land.

I am a right-handed batsman. In the midst of a long innings I often get tired and finally fall prey to a silly dismissal. Please help.

(Raghavan Srinivasan, 14, Calcutta-26)

Work on your fitness. Endurance training will help.

I am a right-handed batsman. Whenever I go for big hits against spinners, I end up getting stumped. Why does this happen'

(Shreyas Grover, 12, Calcutta-34)

Thereís an obvious problem with your footwork. Get close to the pitch of the ball. And donít lift the head at the time of playing the shot.

I am a right-hander and face difficulty tackling bouncy deliveries on the leg stump. As a result, I get hit on the rib cage. Please advise.

(Rahul Ganguli, 19, Agartala)

Use the depth of the crease when playing back and across. Donít take eyes off the ball.

I am a medium pacer. Whenever I try to bowl a yorker, I end up bowling a full toss. Please help.

(C.S. Gopal, 19, Calcutta-31)

Keep your head still at the point of delivery. Also watch the spot you want the ball to land.

I am a right-handed middle-order batsman. I often get caught behind or at first slip while trying to late cut a spinner/slower bowler. Please help.

(Sounak Mullick, 14, Calcutta-26)

Get across with the backfoot and make sure that the weight goes into the shot.

I am an opener and an attacking batsman. I often find difficulty in playing the off drive and end up getting caught at slip or wicketkeeper or cover. Please help.

(Bajrang Lal Lunawat, 21, Bongaigaon)

You are not getting close enough to the pitch or the line of the ball.

I am a fast bowler. I often fail to maintain my pace throughout the day. Why does this happen'

(T. Rajpal, 16, Calcutta-18)

Work on your fitness. A little bit of weight training under the guidance of a good physio will help.

I often fail to concentrate enough while batting. Will yoga sessions help me overcome this shortcoming'

(Aniruddha Roy, 14, Calcutta-16)

Keep talking to yourself. Also set goals. And of course, yoga will be a great, great help.

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