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Water woes and risky roads

DULAL (JYOTIPRASANNA) DAS THAKUR, Trinamul Congress councillor of ward 106, met residents of Kasba at Kayasthapara’s Tarun Sangha to reply to their queries. Participants included S.N. Roy, Shankar Dasgupta, Shambhu Nath Kundu, Subir Chatterjee, Bilas Kumar Biswas, Anjan Das, Mandira Gupta, Debabrata Mitra, Sanat Kumar De, Amit Sarkar, Mahadeb Basu, Asoke De, Rabin Banerjee, Pradeep De and Rabi Basu

S.N. Roy: In Sen Garden, where I live, a pond is proving a nuisance. It is polluting the area.

Immediately after becoming councillor, I took up work of cleaning up the pond. A wall was erected on one side. The problem is that the pond has no outlet. We have to work out a drainage system. We hope to start work after monsoon.

S.N. Roy: Water connections have been granted erratically. We were told by the Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) that all of us would be given connections by June. Nothing has been done yet.

It is not true that water connections have not been given. Lines need to be relaid in a particular patch, which is affecting some householders. Work will be taken up when a fresh consignment of pipes is available.

S.N. Roy: The condition of the road between Sitala Mandir and Singhi Garden is deplorable.

The road was repaired with bricks after waterlines were laid. There are some problems with the drainage system. However, once the Asian Development Bank funds start flowing in, we’ll tackle that problem.

Anjan Das: In Kayasthapara, a vat needs to be relocated.

Vats are a common problem. We are short of staff to collect garbage daily. However, now you have a vat where you can dispose of your garbage, which will be taken and cleared in Dhapa. We are looking for a spot where it can be placed.

Shankar Dasgupta: We live in Singhi Garden. Here, the drainage system has all but collapsed because of the heavy flow from Sen Garden. In addition, the drains are damaged by loaded trucks.

These are low-lying areas where houses have been built. Initially, these areas had no civic amenities. And if trucks are damaging the drains, why don’t residents stop heavily-laden vehicles from entering the area'

Shambhu Nath Kundu: I live in Sarat Garden. This area suffers from a drinking water problem, which turns acute in summer.

In your area, waterlines need to be changed totally. A proposal has been filed with the CMC. We expect to achieve some results around the Pujas.

Subir Chatterjee: In the city proper, roads are repaired regularly. But whenever the question of road repairs arises in the added areas, the authorities say that work will have to wait till the Pujas.

Let me explain. Drainage and road repairs in Green Park, Unique Park, P. Mazumdar Road and its adjacent areas have already been completed. Waterlines, too, have been laid. It is a CMC policy that no road will be laid before waterpipes are in place. In addition, local people sometimes create obstructions and stop work. However, the rush is on to complete all unfinished roads before the Pujas.

Bilas Kumar Biswas: In Kayasthapara Main Road, sewage is not cleared regularly. Will you please help'

The sewerage system is cleaned with machines. There are some problems with the catch pits. Moreover, work suffers because of the contractors. They cite non-payment of bills for their inability to continue work on a regular basis.

Mandira Gupta: Green Park’s roads need urgent attention. The children, specially, suffer because schoolbuses don’t enter the area and they have to walk about two kilometres of uneven road to take a bus.

It is the CMDA’s responsibility to maintain that road. Still, we have covered the potholes with stones and chips so the children can walk on the road.

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