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For air fare back to Dubai, rob a jeweller

He is a cook in Dubai but a criminal in Calcutta. Abhijit Ghosh, 21, flew down here a few days ago from Dubai to spend some days with his friends and relatives. He planned to return and resume work as a restaurant cook. But there was one problem: passage money. So why not break into a jeweller’s in Bowbazar'

Ghosh, who was netted by officers of Muchipara police station on Thursday, made this confession during interrogation on Friday. Ghosh, along with four accomplices, assembled on Premchand Boral Street to raid one of the many jewellers’ shops in Bowbazar. But the police got wind of their plans. Four plainclothesmen lay in wait and rounded up Ghosh and one of his accomplices, Shankha Ray. The other three escaped.

Officer-in-charge Naseem Ali of Muchipara police station said Ghosh, a resident of Taltala, had spent a year and a half in Dubai. “We are verifying how he developed links with local gangsters. We have got the names and addresses of hideouts of the three who managed to flee,” Ali added.

According to preliminary investigation conducted by Muchipara police, Ghosh spent the first few days after touching down in the city with his family and relatives. “He then met his old friends in Taltala, with whom he started hanging around and, consequently, lost much of his savings,” said an officer investigating the case.

Ghosh had plans to fly back to Dubai next month. And, for this, he needed several thousands for the air fare. Then, he decided to take a short cut.

The Ghosh-Ray duo worked on its underworld links in central Calcutta. A well-known gangster (name withheld on police request) was contacted and a decision arrived at to rob a jewellery shop. Accordingly, Ghosh and Ray collected revolvers and daggers, that police seized later.

According to Ali, investigators are verifying whether Ghosh had any criminal antecedents before leaving the city a year and a half ago. “We have enough reason to believe that he had links with criminals here before leaving the city and came back and renewed the contacts,” he explained.

A manhunt is on for the rest of the culprits. “We are combing several places. The adjoining police stations have been alerted. More arrests are expected soon,” said an officer working on the case.

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