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Gunodharer Asukh

Gunodhar is missing. Everybody is worried and insertions have been put in the ‘Information wanted’ column of dailies. Frantic letters have been sent to all his relatives seeking information about Gunodhar. With meagre resources and little manpower, the search for Gunodhar becomes intense and a desperate appeal to the masses is made to look for him. Who is Gunodhar' Apparently, a perfectly normal human being except one malady that isolates him from others and he is referred to as a madcap in his neighbourhood. What’s his illness' Apparently, nothing except that he loves to laugh. There’s nothing wrong in laughter but we usually laugh when there is an appropriate reason for it, but Gunodhar laughs because he cannot stand weeping or sorrow and the more the world is weighed down by loss, death, decay and destruction, the more intense becomes his laughter. Gunodhar is befriended by two youths, Ujjwal and Pabitra. The trio takes viewers on an intense introspection — a journey of the ‘self’ to discover those finer elements that remain concealed within multiple layers of socially acceptable norms. This Samstab production is directed by Dwijen Bandopadhyay.

When: Today at 6.30 pm

Where: Academy of Fine Arts

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