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US to alter troop semantics, not substance
US secretary of state Colin Powell said today he was exploring a new UN resolution that would encourage nations “to do more” in Iraq but said Washington would not surrender military control. ...  | Read.. 
SoBig lives up to its name
A new computer virus feared to be the most potent ever spread like wildfire today, sending e-mail networks crashing and frazzling technicians already overstretched by a plagu ...  | Read.. 
Israel strike kills Hamas leader
Israel killed Hamas political leader Ismail Abu Shanab in a missile strike today, two days after a suicide bombing in Jerusalem, and Islamic militant groups called off a seve ...  | Read.. 
Saddam’s Chemical Ali captured
Ali Hassan al-Majid, a feared cousin of Saddam Hussein nicknamed “Chemical Ali” for his use of poison gas in attacks, has been captured by US forces in Iraq, the US military ...  | Read.. 
Brides and grooms throw bouquets of flowers into the air in front of the Tower Bridge, London, after being married at the bridge on Thursday. (Reuters ...  | Read
Cadillac craving
Elvis record
Last laugh
Love child
Apostrophe heads to a full stop
It’s — or should that be its' — been the bane of the lives of generations of schoolchildren...  | Read.. 
Feeling ‘eeyorish'’ Don’t be a ‘muppet’, try ‘bada bing’
Being called a “muppet” because you cannot remember the meaning of a word' Or feeling a bit “eeyori..  | Read.. 
Cellphone explodes in Amsterdam
A 33-year-old Dutch woman sustained slight face and neck bu ...  | Read.. 

Pak students say no
Thousands of Islamic students rallied in Islamabad today an ...  | Read.. 

Diplomat spills Kelly premonition of death
Iraq weapons expert David Kelly eerily predicted his death ...  | Read.. 

Asia fights back
Asian countries today fought back against an e-mail virus t ...  | Read..