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Survivor to never work in Iraq, Annan defiant
As the UN today insisted its staff would stay in Iraq following the devastating bombing of its headquarters, one woman caught up in the blast vowed she would never work in the country again. ...  | Read.. 
Jolie upbeat on Croft
Angelina Jolie, the human face of Lara Croft, the computer game character, attended the British premiere last night of the second film in the action series. ...  | Read.. 
Australia anti-immigrant leader jailed for fraud
The controversial founder of Australia’s anti-immigrant One Nation party, Pauline Hanson, was jailed for three years today after being found guilty of electoral fraud, a cour ...  | Read.. 
Cannabis on trial as pain-killer
Queen Victoria took it for period cramps, multiple sclerosis sufferers have long praised its soothing effects — now cannabis is to be given to British patients to see if it e ...  | Read.. 
Cindy Crawford walks the ramp during a celebrity fashion show at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Beverly Hills. (Reuters)
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Magic man
Wife wanted
Every minute counts in Viagra versus Levitra
A new oral impotence treatment called Levitra has won US approval, providing the first challenge to..  | Read.. 
Broadway’s deaf musical brings Huckleberry Finn to life
For the first time, a musical featuring deaf performers is being staged on Broadway, and the show —..  | Read.. 
Second thoughts on Shariat bill
Following weeks of defiance over the Shariat bill, the ...  | Read.. 

Carnage leaves body bags, burnt flesh
Body bags piled up so fast in the middle of a roundabout on ...  | Read.. 

Sharon loads tit-for-tat gun
Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon approved a series of mi ...  | Read.. 

Kelly was urged to keep views to himself
Government documents released today show that top officials ...  | Read.. 

Porn star offers dinner date
Porn actress Mary Carey, one of 135 candidates running for ...  | Read.. 

Musharraf volte face on parliament
In an attempt to break the stalemate in Pakistan’s parliame ...  | Read..