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Fans pay for govt neglect

Kallol Chakraborty,

This is not a good proposal. If a maintenance fee is added to ticket prices, tickets will become costlier and sports-loving spectators will be deprived of enjoying the matches. The stadium, which boasts a record capacity, will stay half-filled, resulting in losses for the stadium authorities.

Prasanta Kumar Ghosh,

The stadium requires maintenance and one rupee as surcharge per ticket may be levied to defray the expenses for its upkeep. A display board should be set up to show how the surcharge money has been spent for the benefit of spectators. The Salt Lake stadium is an object of pride and it should be maintained in accordance with international specifications.

Sushma Jalan,

Why should the public pay extra to maintain Salt Lake stadium' The ticket fee should be enough! Moreover, the public pays tax to the government so that the entire city can be maintained. There is certainly no shortage of funds with the government. If the mayor can think of wasting crores of rupees on making worthless monuments, he can certainly allocate a part of that money to maintain the public monuments. Moreover, how do we know that even if we pay extra, that money would be used for maintenance of the stadium'

Chandan Ray,

Ticket prices for matches at Salt Lake stadium should be increased without any delay. The prime stadium of eastern India is poorly maintained for lack of money. Once maintenance fees start getting deposited in the exchequer, the stadium premises must be exclusively utilised for sports and sports lovers and not by encroachers. The government must come forward for proper maintenance of the stadium; otherwise, participation of foreign teams in local tournaments will remain a distant dream.

Saadia Sitwat,
Linton Street.

Well, there is no harm in it. Salt Lake stadium is the biggest stadium of our city where most of the big concerts and matches are held. As our state government faces a financial crunch all the time, it would be unfair to expect more financial help from Writers’ Buildings than what it is already providing. I think the masses as well as the classes will not mind digging out a little more from their pockets to see their favourite stars in action on a green turf sitting in comfort on the ramps.

Seraj Alam,

The condition of the ground and the stadium is absolutely deplorable. It is high time that the organisers sit up and take action. If a maintenance fee is added to ticket prices, this will certainly help to keep the stadium fit to hold a match.

Madhusree Gupta,
Anil Roy Road.

We, Calcuttans, have so many things to take pride in; but unfortunately all our proud possessions go to seed because of total lack of proper maintenance. We do not take care to maintain things once we create them. So a maintenance fee for Salt Lake stadium is a very good idea. Such maintenance fees, if imposed at other places of interest, may save our metropolis from turning into a new-millennium Harappa in future.

Piyal Mukherjee,
Lake Town.

Salt Lake stadium was once considered the best football address in our country. Even foreigners who have played here have heaped praise on the ground. But the conditions have deteriorated with the passage of time due to lack of maintenance. Recently, the price of tickets has been hiked. So, levying extra charges in the name of maintenance is not a feasible and practical idea. As such, it is uncalled for.

Deblina Patra,
New Ballygunge.

A maintenance fee added to ticket prices will not be of much benefit if the spectators are not made conscious of the need to keep the stadium clean. Strict prohibitions must be laid on throwing bottles and food packets around after watching the matches. Caretakers of the stadium must also keep a close check. Maintenance is possible only with the cooperation of the spectators.

Shyamal Kumar Dey,

We are proud of Salt Lake stadium. It is fair to add a minimum fee to the regular tickets of games and other entertainments. We must not think that this extra money is a burden on the public. The collection is for the good of the stadium.

Virendra Shah,
Amratalla Lane.

Football fans should not be victimised for their love of the game. Raising ticket prices should be avoided. Instead, the government should adopt ways of saving money and resort to indirect ways of raising income through advertisement revenue.

Sudipa Dutta Chowdhury,
Dum Dum Park.

Calcuttans are sports enthusiasts. They will not mind spending a little more on their favourite sport. This will certainly raise money for maintenance of the stadium. Cinema halls, restaurants and even some amusement parks demand money in the form of service charges. So why not stadiums' They, too, provide entertainment to thousands of people and need money for their maintenance. Besides, if every one pays a little more, no one has to bear the full burden.

Deborna Bhattacharyya,
Rashtraguru Avenue.

Salt Lake stadium, so long considered the proper venue for organising big matches, is facing gradual erosion of standards due to lack of adequate maintenance, attributable mainly to paucity of funds apart from the indifference of the administration. A maintenance fee should, therefore, be justifiably added to the ticket prices. This, it is expected, will go a long way towards its upkeep, much to the relief of both the players and the spectators.

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