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Autos, vans and traffic jams

BASAB DASGUPTA, sub-divisional police officer (SDPO) of Belghoria, met residents at his office in the Dunlop area. Participants included Tapas Roy, Chittaranjan Sadhukhan, Angshuman Pal Chowdhury, Prodyut Narayan Chowdhury, Sunil Das, S. Badrinath and Sananda Bhattacharya

Sunil Das: Dum Dum is a vast area. It will be appropriate if an additional police station can be built in Dum Dum (East)

It is a good proposal. East Dum Dum has a population of more than a lakh. Moreover, it is a growing area. I must bring it to the notice of my seniors. Presently, there is a police camp in place, but it is not very active.

Chittaranjan Sadhukhan: Jaywalkers are a menace at Dunlop.

It is not possible to check jaywalkers unless railings are installed on both sides of the road and between the four traffic lanes. A large sum of money is required for the project. We welcome help from private parties.

Angshuman Pal Chowdhury: I live in Sodepur. There, haphazard parking and movement of Matador vans are a nuisance.

The intersection of Sodepur and BT Road is narrower than the Dunlop crossing. We are aware that Sodepur is growing as a business hub and so, traffic and pedestrian flow are on the rise. But it is quite true that the haphazard parking of Matador vans is a problem. We are looking for spots to shift the Matador and taxi stands.

Angshuman Pal Chowdhury: For residents of Lichubagan, Durga puja immersions are hampered by the rush of traffic.

Khardah has four ghats where immersions are held. But the roads are very narrow. However, to make immersions smooth and peaceful, we make arrangements for sufficient lighting and policing. We also try to ensure equal distribution of crowd at the ghats. We keep contact with our officers over the wireless system so that the force can be rushed from one place to another swiftly.

Angshuman Pal Chowdhury: What have you done to tackle criminal activities in the area'

Criminal activities are almost under control. Of course, we do not want to take a risk and so, we have asked factory-owners to conduct their banking operations in a group. When they inform us about shifting money or picking up cash from banks, we provide police escort.

Tapas Roy: At Dakshineswar, special arrangements are made to control rush-hour traffic on particular days, like Kali puja. Why arenít such arrangements put in place round the year'

On special days, there is a heavy rush of traffic at Dakshineswar. On those days, we take help from Calcutta Police and Howrah Police. However, on normal days, we ensure the flow of traffic is smooth. We have set up a police camp at Dakshineswar. To control the number of accidents, we had asked the PWD to erect railings but, instead, they put up some speed-breakers that are not effective.

Sananda Bhattacharya: In Belghoria, auto-rickshaws carry more passengers than stipulated and are driven recklessly.

We have checked the practice in parts of Belghoria. To stop it totally, we need cooperation of the common people.

S. Badrinath: During Kali puja last year, the police organised a medical camp with much success. Any plans for the future'

The camp was an experiment. We are grateful to the local people for appreciating our initiative. We plan to impart education to children, particularly those whose parents have criminal records. An NGO has assured us of help.

S. Badrinath: Schoolchildren need tips on traffic.

Your proposal is welcome. We will start a traffic awareness programme in schools at least once a month. We will begin with Dum Dum and Baranagar.

Prodyut Narayan Chowdhury: Officer-in-charge of Dum Dum police station S. Roy has played a vital part in the introduction of the Dum Dum Police Station Trophy in football, in which not only former Olympians take active part, but also 146 clubs. Are more programmes in the offing'

It is a great pleasure that such a trophy has been introduced. We have also started traffic awareness programmes in which schools are participating. Actually, our aim is to gear up police-public relations.

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