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Laden is not My Friend

On September 11, 2001, life came to a standstill as the entire world watched in horror the most prominent landmark, the twin towers of the World Trade Center (WTC), disappear from the Manhattan skyline permanently. With the crumbling of the twin towers, the pride of a nation was raised to the ground. Tense spectators watched helplessly how the US reeled under terrorism. Osama Bin Laden suddenly became the foe raging a war against the US. Amid all the bloodshed perpetrated by a mad terrorist and his band of followers, a religion was branded ‘barbaric.’ Laden is not My Friend is a short satirical film by Bikramjit Gupta that focuses on how the events of September 11 affected innocents across the world, including Aftab, a 25-year-old Bengali Muslim living with his mother in Calcutta. He dreams of going to the US some day but post-September 11, the scenario changes. Islam has now become synonymous with terrorism and every Muslim is viewed with suspicion. Aftab is intent on proving his innocence and writes a letter to the President of the US disassociating himself from Laden. Produced by Absinthe, the film won the Best Fiction Award at the 2nd International Video Film Festival.

When: Today at 6 pm

Where: Nandan III

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