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Mayavati family house searched
- Narcotics bureau operation in Delhi

New Delhi, Aug. 7: The Narcotics Control Bureau yesterday searched a house at Inderpuri in south-west Delhi where Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mayavati’s parents were living.

The search was conducted in the flat (EF 6R)) in a three-storeyed building around noon and continued for more than an hour.

It is believed that the bureau launched the operation following information that drugs were being sold in the locality. The search, however, had nothing to do with Mayavati, sources said.

Bureau sources confirmed that searches did take place in the Inderpuri area. The search party included income-tax officials, who were at hand to assess the money, if any, found in the flat. Income-tax director (investigations) K. Rangabhashayam confirmed the raids. “The NCB conducted the raids and our department was there only in the capacity of an assessor,” he added.

At the flat this evening, one person, who refused to reveal his identity, was burning piles of documents. A white hard-top Mahindra Commander jeep was parked near the gate.

He said Mayavati’s brothers Raju and Titu had sold the flat and left, but professed ignorance about who the buyer was or when the deal took place. Nor did he say where the family — Mayavati’s father Prabhu Dayal, mother and five brothers (Sidharth, Subhash and Anand are the other three) lived there — had shifted.

Asked why he was burning the papers, he said he was clearing the “mess”.

Inderpuri station house officer Satya Prakash Kukreti said there were raids in the area yesterday, but added that he was not aware where they took place as he was in a meeting at the time. Kukreti said local police were not asked to help in the operation.

The flat is adjacent to the residence of local BJP MLA Puran Chand Yogi, but the two families are not known to be close.

Mayavati call

At a conclave of her party MPs, MLAs and other leaders in Lucknow last night, Mayavati issued an alert for simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha polls in Uttar Pradesh, reports our special correspondent.

Hinting that the BJP-BSP alliance may not last long, Mayavati asked the party “to be ready to face the electorate on your own”. Her suggestion for a simultaneous voting exercise, if taken to its conclusion, might even mean Assembly elections in November because the Vajpayee government is indicating Lok Sabha polls around that time.

“The BJP is concerned over the rising popularity graph of the BSP. It has launched a systematic campaign to discredit me,” she said.

Relations between the two parties, never cordial, came under particular strain over the Taj corridor project, to which Union tourism and culture minister Jagmohan raised objections.

Sources close to her said the tone of her address to BSP supporters was an unmistakable indication that Mayavati was determined to pay the BJP back for her humiliation in dropping the demand for Jagmohan’s removal. She is also said to have expressed unhappiness at deputy Prime Minister L.K. Advani suggesting simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha elections without consulting her.

“But the BSP is ready for it and will support the move,” she said. “If Mayavati insists on simultaneous Assembly and Lok Sabha polls, all the calculations of BJP leaders will go haywire,” said a BSP leader.

“If the BJP wants to fight the elections in alliance with the BSP, it will have to dance to her tune,” the leader said.

The BSP is likely to demand at least two-thirds of the Assembly seats, sources said. It might also insist that Lok Sabha seats are distributed in proportion to vote shares of the BSP and the BJP in the last Assembly elections to the advantage of her party.

Her goal, as a senior BSP functionary put it, “is to win enough seats (in Uttar Pradesh) to force the BJP to seek her alliance in Madhya Pradesh and some other states”.

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