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‘Whites deserved to die’

Bali, Aug. 7 (Reuters): For many, he is the smiling face of radical Islam in Indonesia.

In front of the world’s media just weeks after the Bali bombings, Amrozi caused outrage overseas when he told police of his delight at hearing about the worst terror act since the September 2001 strikes on the US.

Today, as he sat down to face his judges, he praised God and shouted “burn, burn the Jews”.

During his three-month trial, the fresh-faced, self-confessed bomber continually laughed at Indonesian witnesses and said “whites” deserved to die.

Amrozi chuckled when he explained how he and the accused ground commander of the operation referred to a massive car bomb by its code name “dodol”, an Indonesian sweet.

Today, Amrozi was back in the spotlight, as the first person to be sentenced in connection with the Bali blasts.

Prosecutors had demanded the death penalty. Amrozi, 40, had been charged with helping to plot bombings that killed 202 people, about half of them Australian.

On June 12, when asked how he felt about the impact of the Bali attack, Amrozi told the court: “There’s some pride in my heart. For the white people, it serves them right.”

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