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Cool in skirt

Umea (Sweden), Aug. 6 (AFP): A Swedish bus driver slipped on a skirt after his request to work in shorts in the summer heat was turned down, local media reported today.

Bus driver Mats Lundgren, in the northern town of Umea, asked for permission to drive his vehicle in shorts as temperatures reached 25 degrees Celsius, but was told by his company that he could not.

Determined to cool his legs in the inordinate temperatures for northern Sweden, he then decided to show up in a skirt, which is allowed by the transport company’s dress code.

As Lundgren settled in to the driver's seat, the navy blue skirt slid up his thighs just above his bony knees, revealing a pair of hairy white legs.

“It’s even better than shorts. It’s unbearable driving a bus in long trousers when the sun is blazing through the windscreen, but with the skirt it feels just great,” Lundgren told local daily Vaesterbottens Folkblad.

Rolf Persson, managing director of Umea’s transport authority told the paper that he was a little surprised to see Lundgren dressed this way, but his hands were tied as even careful perusal of regulations produced no mention of rules about men in skirts.

Diva colours

Paris (AFP): Pop diva Madonna will be in Paris on September 15 for the worldwide launch of her children's book The English Roses, expected to hit bookstores in 100 countries and in more than 30 languages at the same time. The book, about “feeling green with envy, blue with loneliness, pink with embarrassment, purple with rage and how to find true-blue friends”, is the first of five illustrated storybooks penned by the Material Girl. The singer will celebrate the simultaneous global release at the offices of her French publishing house Gallimard in Paris with some 40 book editors from around the world, Gallimard said on Wednesday. The other four books are expected to be released in 2004.

Drunk drive

Prague (Reuters): Ever get the feeling you’re still drunk at work the morning after a heavy-drinking session and everyone around you can tell' Police in the Czech town of Jihlava said they arrested a drunk bus driver after a suspicious motorist spotted him zig-zagging along his route with 16 passengers aboard. A routine breath test showed the driver had what doctors say is roughly the equivalent of at least 10 premium lager beers and several liquor shots sloshing around inside him. “The driver said he drank all night and left at 4 am to begin his 4.10 am shift,” the police said.

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