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Raag Parikrama

Twenty-five years may not be a very long time in the annals of history, but definitely long enough to make a mark in the calendar of events. The ITC Sangeet Research Academy (SRA) was created with a view to nurture and propagate Hindustani classical music. After 25 years, the vision has materialised into one of the premier institutions of India, a Guru-Gruha, where a pupil lives under the same roof with his guru and undergoes rigorous training for years to master the art in the true guru-shishya parampara. However, unlike the ancient tradition where the shishya would surrender himself whole-heartedly at his guru’s feet, the new-age shishya has many a question and, he is forever looking for a logical end to his question. Keeping in mind the changed scenario, SRA also aims to invite noted musicians and musicologists from all corners of the country from time to time to exchange information on a holistic basis and disseminate such information among its scholars in an objective manner. As SRA steps into its 25th year, it kicks off the celebration with Raag Parikrama, an interactive seminar with demonstrations. This programme aims not only at discussing all varieties of ragas but also addresses the historical perspective of these ragas, their presence in different forms of music and their significance in the world of music, specially among the musicians of future generations. The three-day meet will highlight issues including raga and the forms of music, identification of major raag-angas, the process of evolution of ‘mishra ragas,’ classification of mishra ragas, discussing ragas whose names are a ‘misnomer’, lokpriya ragas of yesteryear and responsibility of the present-day musicians to interpret ragas correctly.

When: August 7 - 9

Where: ITC Sangeet Research Academy, Tollygunge

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