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Judge protects Diaz’s modesty

Los Angeles, Aug. 5 (AFP): A judge covered US movie star Cameron Diaz’s modesty by ordering that topless pictures of the actress that she is trying to suppress remain sealed, at least until the case is settled.

The star, who has acted in the Charlie’s Angels series and Something About Mary, sued to stop a photographer from releasing the pictures taken when Diaz was 21-years-old and before she earned fame as an actress.

Diaz, 30, sued last month to stop photographer John Rutter from selling the potentially embarrassing photographs.

She claimed that a signature in her name appearing on a release form that Rutter produced as evidence of his right to sell the pictures had been forged.

Los Angeles superior court judge Alan Haber yesterday ruled that the pictures taken of Diaz would be protected by the court until the suit is settled because she had a right to privacy of her own body.

He also kept out of the public record a videotape, the contents of which neither side would discuss outside the courtroom.

However, the judge refused to deny public access to the court file of the suit.

“There have been many notable celebrities before the court,” the judge said. “And if I seal this (entire) file, I’d be asked constantly to seal files.”

The next hearing in the case is set for September 12.

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