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Emphatic win for Anand

Dortmund: Indian GM Viswanathan Anand scored an emphatic victory over GM Arkadi Naiditsch of Germany in the fifth round of the Dortmund Sparkassen chess meeting here.

GM Viktor Bologan of Moldova led the standings after getting an easy draw against youngest participant Timour Radjabov of Azerbaijan. Bologan took his tally to four out of a possible five.

Nearest contender GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia was involved in a tense battle against GM Peter Leko of Hungary. Even if Kramnik wins, Bologan will have a half-point lead.

Anand took his tally to two and will need to score heavily in the next matches if he has to be in contention for top honours in this six-player double round-robin tournament.

Naiditsch remained on two after bowing to Anand. Radjabov also moved to two after his draw. Leko was on 1.5 but his game against Kramnik could still fetch him a full point.

Anand finally struck with black after giving an exhibition of his superior middle game technique. Naiditsch was no match for the Indian in a complex battle arising out of a Sicilian Nazdorf. The talented German was in a fix just when the game was out of known theoretical discussions and was outplayed in all its departments thereafter.

This win could be important for Anand as he will play with white against Naiditsch in their next encounter scheduled on the final day. Should the Indian ace make a real comeback, he will have a great psychological advantage over Naiditsch in that game.

The Indian went for the kill after the local hope erred in the middle game and allowed Anand’s forces to gain control on queenside where king was vulnerably placed. Middle game was fierce with both sides having a go against the opposition king.

Anand, however, was first to strike and won a couple of pawns for his efforts. The rest was generally easy except that Naiditsch tried some drastic measures and was eventually left with his queen trapped in the middle of the board after 33 moves. The German resigned immediately.

“It is nice to be winning”, said Anand. Pointing out Naiditsch’s error, Anand said: “This bishop retract on the 16th move brought him down, as it culminated in my breakthrough after which white was lost.”

Bologan got yet another easy draw as Radjabov failed to deliver his tactical magic with white pieces. It was a queen’s gambit declined where Radjabov did not get any worthwhile advantage and his routine minority attack on the queenside led to a level position where peace was agreed on move 20.

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