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Aviator’s passion

Berlin, Aug. 3 (Reuters): Aviation legend Charles Lindbergh, the first man to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, led a secret double life with a German woman who bore him three children, Germany’s Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper reported.

The paper said Lindbergh, whose solo flight from New York to Paris in 1927 earned him an undying place in aviation history, met Brigitte Hesshaimer, a Munich hatmaker in 1957 when he was 55 but kept the relationship secret up to his death in 1974.

It said Hesshaimer’s daughter, Astrid Bouteuil, had more than 100 letters which she said were from Lindbergh but had promised not to reveal the secret in her mother’s lifetime.

Reuters did not see the letters and could not independently verify their authenticity.

Bouteuil and her brothers Dyrk and David Hesshaimer told the paper they met Lindbergh periodically when he visited Europe and knew him as Careu Kent but had no contact with his life in America.

Car crazy

Rome (Reuters): Italian police have arrested a deranged man with a grudge against DaimlerChrysler “smart cars” after he torched 15 of them in a summer rampage. The 25-year-old set fire to the 15 parked smarts, as well as 15 other cars, in Rome over the past two months, using a cigarette lighter with a powerful flame, police said. The damage amounts to almost half a million euros’ worth. “I can’t stand the sight of smart cars,” police quoted the man as saying. He developed the grudge against the compact, eco-friendly cars after authorities seized two of his own smarts for traffic and parking offences. Doctors have diagnosed the man as psychologically unhinged and a danger to society.

Evil energy

Berlin (Reuters): If German politicians lack ideas for reforming the country’s struggling healthcare and pensions systems, they can now blame an adverse flow of energy in their workplace.The German parliament’s glass dome, a Berlin landmark, makes for bad feng shui, according to an expert in the Chinese art of positioning objects, buildings and furniture. “The energy is downright sucked out of MPs’ heads by the glass dome,” feng shui adviser Wilhelm Wuschko told the mass-circulation daily Bild. To keep the energy inside, the dome should be coated with a protective foil, he said. Bild said the office of parliament president Wolfgang Thierse would not comment on the suggestion.

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