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16-yr-old castles Anand

Dortmund: Former world champion Viswanthan Anand suffered a shock defeat against tournament baby Teimour Radjabov in the Dortmund Sparkassen chess meet. It left the Indian GM with just half a point after two rounds.

GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia settled for truce against GM Viktor Bologan of Moldova and the two lead the table now with 1.5 apiece.

GM Peter Leko of Hungary also drew his game with local hope GM Arkadi Naiditsch in a keenly contested game and remained on a 50 per cent score after the second round in this Category 18 tournament.

Anand was troubled right through the game by Radjabov. The 16-year-old from Azerbaijan holds the distinction of beating Garri Kasparov in Linares earlier this year.

Anand opened with the king pawn and faced yet another Sicilian Defence. Radjabov in fact repeated the opening moves of their earlier encounter and employed the Accelerated Sveshnikov that might have come as big surprise for Anand.

In the first round against Leko, Anand had faced the usual Sveshnikov and had drawn after trying hard.

The Indian stalwart missed an excellent tactical sequence of moves favouring Radjabov and fell prey to some dangerous passed pawns in the end. Earlier, Radjabov had sacrificed his queen and got two rooks in the bargain. The game lasted 39 moves.

“He missed a draw and the 33rd move was a blunder,” confided Radjabov after the game adding that Anand probably missed his bishop move that held his position together right till the end.

In the first round, Anand held an edge over Leko but was forced to split the point after 57 moves.

Kramnik played it safe with black and had no troubles whatsoever. Bologan repeated moves in the middle game to sign peace in just 27 moves.

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