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Letters to Editor

Fashion unconscious

Sir — At the risk of sounding conservative, and finding fault with a fellow Bengali, I cannot but say that Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s creations are a scream. Take the ensemble he presented at the Lakme India Fashion Week in Mumbai. Who in his right senses would want to spend money on a headgear that looks like yarns of wool tied up in knots (Photograph accompanying the report, “Vintage and virginal, Sabya is in Vogue”, July 24)' Mukherjee may be hot stuff for Italian fashion magazines, but most Indians like me would much rather be unfashionable than fool around in atrocious clothing, however fashionable they might be.

Yours faithfully,
P. Ghosh, Calcutta

Passion play

Sir — Winning the LG ASEAN Club Championships convincingly, beating AFC Club Championships finalist, BEC Tero Sasana, is no mean achievement, but it would be too early to brand East Bengal’s victory as a “lifeline” for Indian football (“Lifeline for Indian football”, July 27). However, this win can certainly help strengthen the belief that we too can do it.

When the current euphoria subsides, the Calcutta football scene has to be put in perspective and pragmatically analysed. Calcutta football has, for quite some time now, been dominated by players from outside Bengal, even outside India, revealing a clear dearth of local talent. Even in East Bengal’s victory, the major contribution came from the likes of Alvito D’Cunha, Mike Okoro and Suley Musah. Seen from a different angle, local players are not getting exposure or the right kind of grooming.

Also, one major win in four decades betrays a level of inconsistency which does not back up the rejuvenation theory. The real significance of the Asean Cup victory will be felt only if it can make the administrations of the three Maidan giants a little more committed to the cause of Bengal football. Would it be too cynical to say that it might take us another few decades to repeat this performance'

Yours faithfully,
Protyush Mozumder, Calcutta

Sir — Thanks to the East Bengal footballers and its film community, Bengal has once again left the rest of India behind it, so what if it is only for a day. First, there was an international victory scripted by East Bengal, and then it was Bengali cinema all the way at the National film awards.

Both films and football have curious stories. The film industry which can boast of Satyajit Ray, Ritwik Ghatak, Mrinal Sen, Budhhadeb Dasgupta, Aparna Sen and their likes happens to struggle for finances and its survival. Potential investors are completely clueless about the prospects here, simply because there is no propaganda initiative from the government. How long can a government fail to see sense'

Talking of football, a city with at least a million football lovers, three top football clubs of the nation has to depend on the largesse of one liquor baron for keeping its football clubs running. Why' Because the West Bengal government will neither work for the promotion of the game, nor will it encourage competition among industries so that they can invest in this sector. There is no reason for the chief minister to feel proud in either East Bengal’s victory or the Bengal film industry’s success.

Yours faithfully,
Saptak Guha Majumdar, Calcutta

Sir — East Bengal’s performance in the ASEAN Club Championship finals in Jakarta deserves a large round of applause. The most remarkable discovery of the tournament was that with a little confidence and hard work and methodical approach, Indian clubs can outclass heavyweight clubs of Asian football.

The victory has come largely because of good teamwork. The neat sum of $ 50,000 that East Bengal won, if not the victory itself, ought to inspire the other clubs too in trying their luck.

Yours faithfully
Stuti Agarwal, Calcutta

Sir — The ASEAN Cup win is all very well, but the madness in the name of celebrations was inexcusable. It ended up getting a young man killed.

Yours faithfully,
Sumantra Bagchi, Calcutta

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