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Saddam’s daughter cries betrayal
Saddam Hussien with his daughter Rana in an undated photo from the private archive of an official photographer.(Reuters)

Dubai, Aug. 1 (Reuters): The eldest daughter of Saddam Hussein, whose husband was killed on the orders of the ousted Iraqi president, today accused close aides to her father of betraying him and helping US forces capture Baghdad.

“It was a big shock. It was clear, unfortunately the people who he had absolutely I understood, the main betrayal was by them,” Raghad, 36, told Al Arabiya television in an interview in Jordan where she, her sister Rana, 34, and their nine children were given asylum.

“This is an act of treason. If somebody doesn’t like you, they should not betray you. Betrayal is not a trait of Arabs,” added Raghad, clad in black and a white veil in a sign of mourning.

Their two brothers Qusay and Uday were killed by US forces last month.

The two daughters, whose husbands were both ordered killed by Saddam, arrived in Jordan yesterday after they were offered asylum by King Abdullah.

Since the end of the US-led war in April that ousted Saddam, the two had been in hiding with their mother Sajida under close tribal protection, Iraqi exile sources in Amman said.

The sisters earlier said they will claim the bodies of their brothers in order to give them a decent Muslim burial, sources close to the women said today.

“Raghad and Rana intend to claim the corpses of their brothers who they wish to bury according to Islamic tradition,” the source said on condition of anonymity.

The daughters of the ousted Iraqi President, are prepared to bury the hatchet posthumously and carry out the family duty by giving their brothers a proper funeral after their killing in a shoot-out in Mosul 10 days ago, “despite differences in the past between the two sisters and their brothers”. “Contacts are already underway with the Americans to that end,” the source added.

New-look Saddam

US troops hunted Saddam Hussein today armed with new pictures of how he might look in disguise, as a new audiotape purportedly made by the fugitive dictator urged Iraqis to drive out foreign troops.

“Only the actions of the faithful who struggled and fought can evict the invaders,” said the taped message, which was aired on Al Jazeera television and dated July 28. “Our belief is strong that God will grant us victory.” The CIA says an earlier taped message broadcast on Tuesday was almost certainly recorded by Saddam.

Units hunting Saddam, including the secretive Task Force 20 that is leading the search, have been given new photographs showing how Saddam may look if he has disguised himself on the run, a military spokesperson said.

“The photos have been distributed to units and commanders who are actively involved in the search. The main purpose of the photos is to ensure the soldiers have an idea of what Saddam may look like,” Lieutenant Colonel Kevin Gainer said.

“They are a series of photos that are digitally enhanced to show Saddam in various states — shaven, unshaven, bald and all the things of that nature. We are trying to anticipate what he may do to hide his appearance.”

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