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Blair to appear before unfazed Kelly judge
British Prime Minister Tony Blair will take the rare step of appearing before a judicial inquiry which begins investigating the suicide of Iraq weapons expert David Kelly later this month. ...  | Read.. 
Terror bet brain quits
John Poindexter, the Iran-Contra scandal figure who headed two criticized Pentagon projects, including one that would have enabled investors to profit by predicting terrorist ...  | Read.. 
Powell sees peace map barrier
US secretary of state Colin Powell said today Israel’s security barrier in the West Bank could undermine a peace “road map”, as Israeli troops fired rubber bullets at protest ...  | Read.. 
Saddam’s daughter cries betrayal
The eldest daughter of Saddam Hussein, whose husband was killed on the orders of the ousted Iraqi president, today accused close aides to her father of betraying him and help ...  | Read.. 
Saddam Hussein with his daughter Rana in an undated photo from the private archive of an official photographer. (Reuters)
Diaper diktat
Marten raid
Dog defence
Off course
Bruce Lee’s final nest now a love motel
No. 41 Cumberland Road was once the home of the legendary Bruce Lee. ..  | Read.. 
Denis had last laugh at ‘ghastly’ Major
John Major was a “ghastly” Prime Minister who destroyed the Conservative party and led it to “utter..  | Read.. 
Philippine police watch restive troops
Hundreds of police commandos moved to a base in Manila toda ...  | Read.. 

Hospital blast kills 20 in Russia
A vehicle packed with explosives blew up outside a hospital ...  | Read.. 

9/11 attack account trail leads FBI to Pakistan
Investigators have traced the funding for the September 11 ...  | Read.. 

Megawati speaks out against fanatics
Indonesia’s President today denounced what she called the “ ...  | Read.. 

Battered actress dies
French actress Marie Trintignant died today in a French hos ...  | Read..