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The Dolls Speak

(Academy of Fine Arts, Aug. 7-10) This exhibition of dolls by Belgian-born Francoise Bosteels represents phases of human condition and facets of domestic social life. Having worked and experienced life in India for three decades, Bosteels makes her dolls awaken a deeper awareness of “the other India”

Hirak Rajar Deshe

(Director: Satyajit Ray) This much-awaited view-CD of the Goopy-Bagha sequel is being released by Sandip Ray at MusicWorld on Saturday at 4 pm. While at it, one can also pick up other Ray classics like Pather Panchali, GGBB, Sonar Kella, Joi Baba Felunath, Ghare Baire, Ganashatru, etc

Escape The Roar

(Skinny Alley) For fans of this local band of highly-accomplished old-timers, this is a long-awaited treat. Jayashree Singh’s range on vocals is explored to the hilt, with shades of The Cranberries and Suzanne Vega seeping in. Amit Datta’s kick-ass guitar, Gyan Singh’s tight bass and Ranjit Barot’s great groove on acoustic drums add to the international feel to the timbre

Riot after riot

(M.J. Akbar) The author, one of India’s best-known journalists, visited several riot-torn cities and tried to discover what lay behind the outbreaks of communal and caste violence that have taken place since Partition. With an introduction by Khushwant Singh
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