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Clarity on tariffs

New Delhi, Aug. 1: The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) today directed operators to prominently publish tariffs on “hoardings” for consumers in a format stipulated by the regulator.

Trai said the operators could state on the hoardings that “information regarding financial implications may be obtained from the following address/website (address/website of the service provider).”

“These guidelines are intended to help the consumer to be better aware of the overall financial expenditure incurred under any particular tariff package, and will also help the consumer to compare various tariff packages which are on offer,” said a senior Trai official.

The guidelines should contain the name of the tariff package, entry level cost, security deposit, advance, rental plus other monthly recurring charges like plan fee, membership fee, commitment charges, monthly free call allowance (specify whether in minutes or rupees), duration of plan, any taxes.

In addition to the above, local calls to inter circle STD less than 500 kms to fixed WiLL(M), cellular, fixed, WiLL(M) cellular, pulse rate (in seconds), per minute rate for free calls free calls equal to rental plus other monthly charges plus interest on advance plus 2 to 3 per cent per month, number of free minutes.

It should also give the details of financial implications in rupees per month for usage (minutes).

Trai feels that certain guidelines on the tariff format should be published/advertised by all the telecom service providers for all tariff plans.

In addition, the regulator has launched performance indicators of telecom sector on their website.

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