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Work on fitness to improve your reflexes
Be positive and think about your strengths when you arrive at the crease

When I arrive at the crease, I tend to get nervous. As a result I am never able to play a long innings. Please help.

(Faraz Ahmed, 13, Calcutta-73)

Donít think too much. Focus on the job at hand. Be positive and think about your strengths.

I am an opening batsman. After surviving a chance in the earlier delivery, what is the best way to get oneís confidence back for the next ball'

(Pranay Mukherjee, 14, Calcuuta-18)

Forget about it. Concentrate on the next ball and on what you look to do. Also tell yourself that luck is with you and you are destined to score today.

I often find difficulties in playing the off drive and end up getting caught at covers or mid-off. Please help.

(Dibya Jyoti Barman, 17, Calcutta-67)

Try and get to the pitch of the ball. Also you may be lifting your head at the time of making contact.

I am a righthanded opener. I often get out to yorkers. Please advise.

(Asif Jamal, 16, Howrah-1)

Watch your back lift, and more importantly, the ball coming out of the bowlers hand.

I am a righthander and face difficulties against short pitched deliveries. My height is 5 feet 6 inches. Please help.

(Avishek Acharya, 17, Palta)

Use the depth of the crease when playing back. Also donít take your eyes off the ball.

I am a righthander and face difficulties in tackling outswingers. I also have a weakness in leaving deliveries outside the off stump. Please help.

(Aloke Bhattacharya, 21, Agartala)

Get to know where your off stump is. Also a proper guard would help. If you donít get across enough, then sometimes a middle-stump guard is useful.

I am a wicketkeeper. How can one improve his reflexes'

(Saikat Hazra, 20, Hooghly)

Work on your fitness. Do a lot of stretching and agility exercises.

What should be the right mental approach for a fast bowler ó bowling fast or concentrating on line and length'

(Tapan Mukherjee, 15, Calcutta-8)

If you have genuine pace, work around it without having to sacrifice it. If you are medium pace, then accuracy is of utmost importance.

I am a righthander. I often get caught at point while trying to cut. I also hesitate to drive when the ball is pitched up. Please help.

(C.S. Gopal, 19, Calcutta-31)

You are not getting back and across while playing the cut. Hence the weight isnít going into the shot. While driving, be positive with your footwork and try and get to the pitch of the ball.

I am a medium pacer. How does one bowl the slower delivery with the same action'

(Souvik Ganguly, 15, Calcutta-33)

It demands a lot of practice and slight change of grip will help.

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