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Thumbs up for Miandad

London: Sunil Gavaskar has praised Javed Miandad for possessing a rare skill of unsettling the opposition by just “talking” and not having to resort to sledging. Miandad had a “sharp” sense of humour and was one of those rare species of batsmen who “talked” to the bowlers, Gavaskar said.

He said Miandad would do anything to get under the skin of the bowlers and work it to his advantage but it was restricted to good-humoured banter. Gavsakar related an incident involving Miandad and Indian bowler Dilip Doshi which amuses him till date. “In a Test match at Bangalore, Javed was batting against Dilip Doshi who was one of the hardest bowlers to hit. Javed had tried everything — the drive, the cut, the sweep and even going down the pitch to the crafty left-arm spinner — but he simply wasn’t able to get him away.

“Suddenly in the middle of a fresh over, Javed started asking Dilip his room number,” recalled Gavaskar.

“This went on every other ball and even when he was at the non-striker’s end. After some time, Dilip, who was making a comeback to the side, and so was concentrating hard on his bowling, couldn’t take it anymore and exasperatedly asked him why he wanted his room number — to which Javed replied ‘because I want to hit you for a six in your room’.

It appears Miandad and Gavaskar belong to a mutual admiration club as the former Pakistan skipper has also praised Gavaskar effusively in his autobiography The Cutting Edge. (PTI)

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