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After crash, Euan fears Cherie most

London, July 30: The Prime Minister’s eldest son was more worried about how his mother would react than his father when he was in a car crash, according to the other driver involved.

Euan Blair, 19, was driving a Ford Focus when he was in a collision with a taxi in Egham, Surrey, on Monday. Simon Hayden, the driver of the taxi, a Ford Mondeo, said Euan had initially taken the blame for the collision. He was waiting to hear officially from insurers.

Hayden, who runs Egham Taxis, said: “He was walking around in shock saying: ‘My mum’s going to kill me’. I asked him his name and he said Euan Blair, and said he was moving homes at the moment. He had no ID, so the police were called.

“When I asked if he was one of the Blairs, he just smiled. The police later confirmed to me that he was the Prime Minister’s son.” Giving his version of his events, Hayden said: “He pulled out of the junction but he should have waited as there are double broken white lines.

“I was coming along the road. It was my right of way. You can see the damage to my car and the damage to his car. It couldn’t have happened any other way. I’ll need a new offside bumper and a headlight.” He said the repairs and three days’ lost earnings while his taxi was repaired could cost him £1,000.

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