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To jail, on a two-lakh track
- Employee flees to Jharkhand hometown with office cash

He wanted to make some easy money, but somewhere down the line, he lost his way and ended up in a ditch, with handcuffs on and staring at the prospect of spending several years behind bars.

Manoj Yadav, a Grade-IV employee of a private firm in Calcutta, was asked to deposit Rs 2.7 lakh in a bank on Saturday by his employers. But the money never made it to the bank.

Yadav took the cash, hopped on to the first available bus headed for his hometown in Jharkhand, with no plans to return to the city where he had ‘made his fortune’.

By Tuesday morning, Yadav was back in Calcutta, this time under police escort, after being traced to his Jharkhand home and rounded up with his booty.

Around 10 am on Saturday, Yadav was asked to deposit the money at the Chittaranjan Avenue branch of the Bank of Baroda. He left his office with the bag, containing Rs 2.7 lakh, saying: “I will deposit the amount and be right back.”

Around noon, with no sign of Yadav, his employers pressed the panic button and contacted the bank, where they were told no one from the firm had deposited any money with them that day.

The employers then alerted the police. “We checked all his links and antecedents in Calcutta, but no one had any definite leads to offer. Then, we managed to track down Yadav’s residential address in Kodarma, in Jharkhand district,” said deputy commissioner of police (central division) Rajeev Kumar, overseeing the probe.

A team from Hare Street police station then set out for Kodarma and picked up the trail to Yadav’s house. “Yadav was caught completely unawares, as he did not have a clue that cops from Calcutta were on his trail,” said Kumar.

Yadav, seated on a motorcycle sipping tea when the police patrol turned up at his door, tried to make a run for it. The cops chased him and finally pinned him down in a ditch, into which he had fallen while trying to flee. Handcuffed and humbled, Yadav was dragged off.

On interrogation, Yadav admitted to have hidden the entire amount in three packets in a relative’s house. “The sum of Rs 2.7 lakh was recovered from there and he was brought to Calcutta early this morning,” Kumar concluded.

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