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Divorce via SMS

Kuala Lumpur, July 27 (Reuters): Malaysian Muslim men can divorce their wives through text messages on mobile telephones, the New Straits Times daily reported yesterday, quoting a religious adviser to the government.

Hamid Othman, adviser to Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, said divorce via SMS or short messaging service was in accordance with Shariat if it was clear and unambiguous.

“SMS is just another form of writing,” the daily quoted Hamid as saying, following an Islamic court decision on Thursday that ruled in favour of a man who served divorce on his wife using SMS.

Islamic law permits a man to divorce his wife by declaring “I divorce you” three times.

Air stunt

Singapore (Reuters): An off-duty Singapore Airlines steward took off all his clothes and threw the contents of his wallet around as stunned passengers on a flight from Australia looked on, a newspaper reported on Saturday.

Singapore’s Straits Times said the 31-year-old man had been been travelling as a passenger on the flight from Perth in Australia to Singapore on July 11. An airline official said the man has since been placed on medical leave.

The newspaper said the man threw a glass of wine over passengers sitting near him and began shouting as he made his way to a toilet in the middle of the plane about two hours into the flight. “When I looked up, I saw him naked,” one shocked passenger was quoted as saying. “He wasn’t even wearing underwear.

He was shouting, tossing credit cards and photos out of his wallet all over the plane,” the passenger said. Crew members were initially unable to reach the man as they were stuck behind meal trolleys.

They eventually subdued him and covered him with blankets before taking him to the toilet, where he put his clothes back on.

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